YouTube LIVE: Build A Locker Alarm
August 10, 2018

Welcome to another fun Brilliant Labs building challenge. We’re going LIVE September 13th to help you and your students build their very own locker alarm. Build a Locker Alarm Using the Micro:bit

  • We will start off with a quick recap of different events that have happened in the last little bit.

  • Then move into the live build to show teachers and students how to make their own locker alarm.

  • Finish off with announcements on upcoming events like our first Innovation Challenge which will be launching the following Monday, October 1st.

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Hiring Summer Camp STEAM Mentors

Hiring Summer Camp STEAM Mentors

Our summer STEAM Mentors are positive role-models who will work to support children in Brilliant Labs programming using both physical and virtual environments. Supporting youth as they learn to create and innovate with today’s technology. They demonstrate exceptional teamwork and initiative-taking and are comfortable and confident with people from different backgrounds.

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