CBC Kids News is hosting a Minecraft back-to-school live event
October 5, 2020

Join us Saturday, October 10th, in-game mc.cbckidsnews.ca (Java edition) at 5pm ADT/5:30 NDT

We’re collaborating with Brilliant Labs and kids to build a unique CBC Kids News World inside Minecraft. Modeled after the atrium inside the CBC building in Toronto and complete with the iconic green elevator — players will teleport to floors of their choice to build and discover hidden secrets.

Minecrafters are invited to visit and explore the CBC Kids News World on Saturday, Oct. 10 at 5pm (ADT)/ 5:30 (NDT). This is an excellent opportunity for tweens to check in with each other, ask questions of an expert and discover useful tips for dealing with their back-to-school reality.

This event will feature a virtual live studio taping hosted by CBC Kids News contributor Elijah Sandiford and Gaming YouTuber @GeminiTay. Together they’ll dig up health answers with pediatrician and epidemiologist Dr. Caroline Quach-Thanh. And they’ll chat with other kids to hear unique back-to-school stories.


RACE FOR THE VACCINE. A parkour course high above the clouds for the most skilled Minecrafters. Will you discover the COVID-19 vaccine?

CANDY DISPENSER CHALLENGE. Can you build a perfectly functioning structure that will hand out Halloween candy safely during the pandemic?

HUNT FOR SPECIAL MESSAGES. Scattered throughout the CBC Kids News World are messages from celebrities. How many will you be able to find?

FIELD OF EMOJIS. Build an emoji to show how you feel about your back-to-school life. Big? Small? What will your emoji say about you?


Anyone, anywhere, can join the CBC Kids News World. You will need Minecraft Java Edition on PC.

  1. Open your copy of Minecraft Java Edition
  2. Click on your ‘Servers’ tab
  3. Select ‘Add Server’
  4. Search ‘CBC Kids News’ under Server Name
  5. Search ‘mc.cbckidsnews.ca’ under Server Address

Following the live event, a gameplay video with the coolest builds will be posted on cbckidsnews.ca, YouTube and CBC Gem. The CBC Kids News World will remain accessible for up to two days after the live event.

Later this fall, the CBC Kids News World will be expanded with activities and educational experiences and then added to Minecraft: Education Edition. This will allow classrooms across Canada access any time they want.

Covering the news that kids need to know.

CBC Kids News is created for and with kids and is a trusted resource for classrooms and parents with tweens. Find daily kid-centric stories on our website, watch news explained on our YouTube channel and sign up for the CBC Kids Newsletter.

With over 112 million unique Minecraft players engaged across all platforms, Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history. “Minecraft: Education Edition” is a special version of the game designed for schools and educational settings — supporting 21st century learning across subjects from coding to chemistry.


cbckidsnews@cbc.ca | @cbckidsnews

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